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Chris Beikirch Video Marketing

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Chris Beikirch - Owner and Operator

As a child, I viewed videography as a form of time travel.

Being able to re-live a moment from the past through nostalgia and emotional mentality.

Yes, of course I love attending music events as an attendee.
I do what all attendees do: Dance. Laugh. Experience.  

Here is why I love filming the event more..
Through my lens, I am literally hijacking anyone's every emotion and movement.
I perceive two insanely different perspectives. I am collecting the music artist's way of delivering their message and art. Then I go into the crowd and obtain their experience.


Raw emotion.

Candid moment.

All stealthy captured. 

Throughout the entire event I am taking laps in a venue borrowing peoples emotions. Absorbing my fill of how I would experience the event without physical attributes.

Once I complete a video, I'm essentially saying,

"Thank you for lending me your emotions, take them back". 

The best part is, they didn't even initially sacrifice any of their emotions for me. 
I just end up doubling theirs.

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